Online Class | Modern Calligraphy Summit

If you have wanted to learn modern calligraphy or brush lettering from the comfort of your home, this is your chance! Modern Calligraphy Summit curated 9 artists, each of us unique in our own way to teach an online class on subjects that are perfect for anyone at any point in their craft: beginners calligraphy, developing your own style, flourishing, florals, layout for envelopes, digitizing/preparing for print and brush lettering with pens, watercolor (me!) and gouache. Seriously a gold mine of information and I can't wait to learn from each of them as well! 

For 2 weeks in February, one of these online video lessons will be released each day with lifetime access for you to watch on your own time at your own pace. We have students from all around the world - yes the world and it is absolutely mind-blowing to see how many people are eager to learn. I am extremely humbled to be a part of this line-up and amongst so much creative energy. Click here to be the first to know when sign-up's open back up in the end of November. 


Nicole Santo