Interview | Details, Darling

At the beginning of the year, the cool girls at Details, Darling asked me a few questions for their Darling of the Month series. This world is so small and I used to be on an advertising team with Aubrey at Chapman! Yes you read that right, an advertising team :) Aubrey and her sister started an event planning company and have been killing it ever since. Hop on over to their site and see all their work and the thoughts that run through my head. 


Out of all the questions, there was one that really made me think:

What is the best advice you've received and why has it stuck with you for so long?
A: To be flexible. I was fortunate to travel throughout the Mediterranean in college on the summer Semester at Sea program and I remember the ship advisors continuously telling us "to be flexible." This definitely applies to traveling, but that simple saying stuck with me throughout life. Life isn't going to go exactly how you planned and yes it is important to set goals to achieve but it is also important to be okay with change. Especially during our 20s, we are going through SO much change and it's key to be flexible and go with the flow of the season of life you're in.

There are numerous times I've also had to be flexible and problem solve with with my lettering jobs as well. Here's a true story example: I'm really excited to get going on place cards for a Bash, Please wedding because it was my first chance to write on leaves! So cool - except when I go to start writing, the ink rubs right off. Fail. Instead of freaking out, I go to my local art store and buy every type of white ink and pens that I see on the shelves. I had to be flexible and problem solve and I finally found a pen that worked and it happened to be a white gelly roll :) Good old middle school days when gelly rolls were cool. 

Senarios like this happen often and a lot of problem solving happens. Be flexible, try new things. If things don't go right the first time there's always another option. 



Nicole Santo