I'm BACK! 2018 Workshops


Yes you read that right! I am beyond excited to be teaching my in-person Watercolor Brush Lettering workshops again starting in January. 

I took the last half of 2017 to focus on something big (it was for a good reason I promise!) and boy have I missed teaching a whole heck of a lot. These in-person workshops are truly my favorite. 

If you're new over here, welcome! Hand lettering is something that is popping up everywhere now from weddings, to baby showers, to designs on tshirts, mugs, signage, you name it. The best part is that this "art form" is something you can craft into making your own, and I'm here to help.

If there's even a tiny part of you that has thought "hey I want to do that too..." well you definitely can and this class might be the perfect jump start. I've been teaching my workshop since 2015 to people just like you. Some have never picked up a paint brush before, some claim they have crappy handwriting, and some have dabbled in a form of hand lettering on their own, but are looking for one-on-one time with me to help develop their own style. 

One of my past students wrote the sweetest testimonial and I am so darn proud of her:

"I had zero background in calligraphy/art/design before taking Nicole's workshop. But thanks to Nicole's patient and encouraging style, small class size (I appreciated the extra help!) and starter supply kit to take home, I found myself continuing to letter at home. It began as an escape for myself as a new mom. Soon enough - six months after taking Nicole's workshop - I opened up my own shop on Etsy selling Hawaiian-inspired hand lettered designs."

-Lori Shen, Letter On! (@LetterOnDesign)

If you're reading this, I want to give you 15% off the class. It's a new year and time to start with investing in yourself learning something new. If you're in, I'm in and would love to meet you! Use code: NEWYEARNEWYOU at checkout

For now I'll be teaching in CA, but if there's a city or state you really want me to come to, let me know and maybe in the future I can arrange more traveling!



Nicole Santo