PAST WORK | Wellen Women

Going a little bit down memory lane and taking a moment to reflect. I found myself thinking back on where I was a year ago, two years ago...and when I realized where I was in life and my career three years ago - holy moly time FLIES! 2014 was the year I helped bring Wellen Women to life and it started with this kickstarter. The brand was my baby and I was fortunate for the opportunity to be a part of starting something from literally zero. Coming up with the target audience, defining who the "muses" were and executing it in the clothing, the visuals and this video was hands down one of my favorite times of my career thus far. Thank you Matt for trusting me and cheers to all of the memories and the silly moments at the office with the crew!

PS - there are some really great items and on sale here! My ridiculously talented friend Jen B Peters designed this tank and the wizard Kailah Ogawa designed the ever cool Good Vibes tank that I wear on the regular. And for the dudes, Wellen is legit. 

Nicole Santo