I wrote a book! Say, what?!?!

You know that butterflies in your stomach feeling - the combination of excitement, eagerness, and the feeling that something really darn cool is happening...

Yup, that's the feeling I have right now as I introduce you to my book.

Say what, I wrote a book?!?!?! Still feels surreal.

This book is an invitation, 

not a rule book.

An invitation to try something new,

to create with your hands,

to tap into your curiosity,

to breakdown this art form,

and see it from a new perspective.

And now you are personally invited by me to join in :)

There are 30+ lessons each paired with a project. Projects to put your lettering into play like banners for your next party, gift tags to add to your presents, and pillows to cozy up to.

I poured my heart and everything I know into this book and now officially releasing it into the world for you to enjoy. 

Sending so much love with butterflies in my stomach.

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