Interview | Podcast with Maring Higa

I have something really cool to share and for you all to listen to. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by one of my past students Maring Higa on her wonderful podcast Special Circumstances.

"Special Circumstances is a podcast that talks with real people about creativity, pursuing dreams, following the uncharted path and overcoming personal obstacles. It offers both practical and inspirational conversations meant to inspire and motivate you."

What started out as a conversation about my career ended up being me talking about my life and the way I've been practicing to train my brain to think differently - to see things from a different "perspective." It wasn't anything I planned to talk about nor realized what I was sharing in the moment. But I hope it's something that resonates with you because its a conversation that maybe you might need to hear. We all deal with self-doubt, not knowing who we are, and feeling stuck. This creative journey that I'm on definitely wasn't something I was given permission to do by anyone but myself. I've had to work through a lot of things and continue to learn about myself and what I need to be an artist, business owner, and first and foremost myself. 

And what's so cool is that Maring took my workshop in San Diego last year and was so sweet to have me on her show. She is a calm spirit and someone who I instantly connected with. And you can see her lettering progress and challenge she's doing on her instagram! Thank you Maring for having me share a piece of me and for being a light that allowed this to happen. xo



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