Strathmore Marker Paper

Have you ever scanned your beautiful watercolor lettering you painted on watercolor paper, and then find out your scanner picks up the little bumps and grooves? If you're nodding your head yes, then I have a solution for you!

The answer is Strathmore's 500 Series Marker Paper. It was a happy accident that I discovered it and it now is the paper that I use the most for my projects. I shared all of my thoughts and why this paper is my favorite over on Strathmore's blog

If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen some of my posts with a quote that I letter and share. When something strikes my attention, I write it down and love to letter it :) For example, this post started out on the marker paper, scanned at 600 DPI as a JPEG and then brought in to photoshop to be sized correctly. Bing, bang and then it ends up on my feed - and the best part is that it still keeps the colors and little imperfections of the watercolors! 

Another example is this photo I recently shared of loose sheets of my lettering sketches and work. All of these sheets are Strathmore's Marker Paper done in black Higgins ink and you can see below the final product of the "you are my sunshine" piece. Again it went from the marker paper, scanned to my computer,  and then sized in Photoshop to make these beautiful wood boxes from Cardtorial! 

Just like all materials, there is a time and place for each one and everyone has their go-to tools. If you're looking to make a watercolor card, an art piece to frame or wanting to paint a floral illustration - I do not recommend this paper. But if you are simply doing a lettering piece that will eventually be scanned, then this is the paper for you! You can purchase the pads from Blick or Amazon or if you're interested in taking an in-person workshops, these come in the kits I curated for my students to get started!

Hope that helps!



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