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Even if you’ve never picked up a brush before, I’ve got you.


If you’ve been wanting to take my in-person workshop for the past few years, but:

  • You don’t live in the states I’ve taught at,

  • It hasn’t been the right time,

  • It wasn’t the right fit financially,

  • Or you talked yourself out of it.

Then you are in luck! I filmed my workshop and can now bring it to you, no matter where you are in the world.

I designed this workshop to help you build confidence, to move you from scrolling on social media admiring lettering videos and to doing it on your own. Yes, you can!

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After teaching this workshop to over 1000+ students, I see and hear what freezes people the most.

  • I can’t do this.”

  • “I’m not creative at all.”

  • “I don’t have nice handwriting.”

And I get it, whenever we are learning something new, our automatic thought is, “I’m just not that good at _______.”

But that is exactly why I created this online workshop. Because I want to guide you with the steps to show you, yes, you can.

  • I have seen people who are beginners, who claim they don’t have an art bone in their body.

  • I have seen people who are left-brained analytical with tech jobs, but are burnt out and need a release at the end of their long work day.

  • I have seen Moms who want to get back in touch with themselves and find a safe space just for them to be free.

All of these people and more have found this craft to be something personal. Because when you combine lettering with watercolors, it is the most freeing and forgiving combination. And I want to invite you in.

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My why

Hi there! If you’re new around here, my name is Nicole Miyuki Santo and I’m the one who will be guiding you on this lettering journey. I fell in love with lettering because I needed an outlet after my 9-5 job staring at a computer all day. I wasn’t set to make a career out of this, and I had no idea that 5+ years later I would have two published books, By Hand: The Art of Modern Lettering and The Kids’ Book of Hand Lettering, teaching others how to learn lettering for themselves.

I believe in this craft more than I realized. And as a disclaimer, I am not here telling you that we need to get off technology and become hippies. But, I do believe in the power of connection. I believe that the reason why lettering has become a craze recently is that we are all yearning to feel a connection to others and to ourselves. To be more mindful of our actions. To feel the accomplishment of making something on your own. To see the reaction of a recipient when you make them something with their name on it. That, is what I believe in.


Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies do I need to get started?

In the video, I go through the tools I like to use more in-depth, but I suggest having a small round brush, any type of watercolors (I use pan watercolors, but you can use whatever type you like), and I suggest buying both marker paper and watercolor paper.

You will also need internet access to view the video and a printer to print the handout.

How long do I have access to the course?

For as long as the internet exists :) I understand that life gets busy and I want you to be able to take this at your own pace. The website will always remain password protected and as long as you keep the password, you will be good to go!

How is this workshop different from your MCS, WCS, or your Brit + Co video?

First off, that is pretty cool you already know about those platforms I was on! Let’s just say I filmed both of those videos in 2015 and we are nearing 2019 now. Since then I have taught several hundred other students and refined the workshop. But if you have seen those videos, then my Intermediate Developing Your Style Workshop may be the next step for you!

What if I already took your in-person workshop?

If you are one of my past students, then “Hi” again! I love that you found your way back here. You can either look into my Intermediate Developing Your Style Workshop or the Bundle package. If you are in need of a refresher it may be nice to have my Watercolor Brush Lettering Workshop video so you can revisit it at any time.

Will you be providing feedback?

Unfortunately, I will not be providing personal feedback like I do in my in-person workshops. I decided to go this route to keep the price low to offer this online worksop to more people. However, you can tag me on Instagram @nicolemiyuki and I’ll do my best to check out your lettering! In the future, I may be offering mentor sessions and if this is something you are interested in, email nicolemiyuki.letters@gmail.com.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of receiving a downloadable PDF and access to the workshop immediately, there are no refunds for this workshop.

Buy now and get started lettering today. Not tomorrow, not in the future, today! You will receive access to the video immediately through email once you purchase.