Get a group together and learn something new.

2+ hours and small class size


I’ve been teaching my signature Watercolor Brush Lettering Workshop since 2015 and to say it has been my favorite is an understatement. I’ve seen over 1,000 students have that ah-ha moment. Or the moment they realize it has been 2 hours and they don’t know where the time has gone.

When you’re that in the zone, in the flow, and allow your mind to be free, something special happens.


At the moment, I don’t have any in-person workshop lined up, however, I am putting together an online course that will be structured the same as these workshops.


If you’re in California and have a group of friends or want to convince your coworkers/boss that this would be the perfect team building event, let’s talk and make it happen. I offer a few different packages that we can create to fit you and your needs.

When I found Nicole’s beautiful work online I was inspired to learn everything about brush lettering. Her workshop was so much fun, and she was such a great teacher. She really took the time to study how I was using the brush, how I made the strokes, and where I could make adjustments to improve. Even though the workshop is a group setting, she provided a lot of individual instruction and growth. I’m really excited to continue learning and practicing my lettering skills.
— Neesha Merani, PaperWand.com
I took Nicole’s watercolor lettering class and was delighted by the fun, yet intimate vibe of the class. Nicole is so patient, kind, and personable, and she offers insightful feedback that really allows you to troubleshoot more successfully and figure out the reason why things may or may not look right. She doesn’t make you feel trapped in any rigid rules of calligraphy, and encourages you to find your own style and run with it! I would highly recommend anyone (even beginners) to try out this class—it is a safe, non-intimidating environment where it truly just feels like you’re hanging out with some good friends :)
— Tani, @splashoftdesign