PRE-ORDER Online Intermediate Lettering Workshop

PRE-ORDER Online Intermediate Lettering Workshop


NOTE: This is a pre-order for the workshop. Once the video is available in February 2019, you will receive an email with the link and downloadable PDF Workbook.

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No matter if you do brush lettering, pointed pen calligraphy, faux calligraphy, or you letter with the pen you have handy at this moment, all is welcome in this video workshop. It’s time to develop your style and continue growing with this craft!

What The Workshop Is About:

  • YOU.

  • We’ll breakdown how to dissect and analyze lettering in order to then develop your own style.

  • You will learn how to “change it up” and when to “change it up.”

    • What if you want a lettering style that reflects a more whimsical wedding in the beautiful rolling hills of Ireland [a girl can dream :)] or a lettering style that is for a 1-year-old birthday party that screams excitement! Yup, those would be two very different styles.

  • That word that keeps getting thrown around in the lettering world, bounce lettering. I’ll show you how I use flow in my lettering to create variance and how to prevent your letters from looking stiff on a straight line. Hint, it actually doesn’t follow the “bounce” rules. I see things differently and want to show you how.

BONUS: At the end, I’ll go through step-by-step how to get lettering from paper to a post on Instagram, like this one, using Photoshop.

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This workshop is for you if you find yourself ever saying the following:

  • ”This is just the way I write.”

  • “I don’t know how to make it different.”

  • “Why does hers look so much cooler.”

  • “I want to start designing for clients other than myself.”

    • I’ve been a part of the wedding industry for 5 years, and seen the whole gamut of styles (you can see a few examples here). I’ve learned that there are tiny nuances that can completely change the feel and I will show you how to add that to your repertoire.

PS: If you are also looking at my Online Watercolor Brush Lettering Workshop and wondering which one is for you, I have a bundle package here with a discounted price and bonus!

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